Here you can download programming related software in MZF format to use with an emulator or WAV files to record to cassette tape for your real MZ-80A.
NOTE : If you are looking for Games downloads then please see the Games section here!

I have recently moved all the downloads from the old Mediafire account which didn’t seem to work too well to Onedrive. Clicking any of the MZF / WAV icons now will take you to the full folder of files (it’s just easier that way). However, clicking the PDF icons on this page will still take you to each individual PDF manual.

Software Title Filename Notes MZF WAV Manual
MZ-80/700 Monitor/Disassembler B880 11/84 B880.A3_P6
MZ-80K/A/700 Master Disassembler B880 04/87 B880 MASTER
BAS MOD v3.74 BAS MOD v3.74 Requires BASIC SA-5510 to be in memory previously
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5575/C BASIC SA-5575/C Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 1
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5575/S BASIC SA-5575/S Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 1
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5577/C BASIC SA-5577/C Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 3
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5577/S BASIC SA-5577/S Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 3
BASIC SA-5580 BASIC SA-5580 Hippo Associates 80 column BASIC
BASIC interpreter SA-5510 BASIC.SA-5510 The original BASIC which came with the MZ-80A
BASIC SP-5025 BASIC SP-5025 The MZ-80K’s BASIC interpreter
Converter Converter Converts between different versions of BASIC
DCS K/A CONVERT DCS K/A CONVERT Professional conversion utility. Converts from 80K to 80A / MZ-700
DISASM 8800 MZ-80A Version 15 DISASM 8800.A15 SUC April 1999
DISASM B800 MZ-80A Version 15 DISASM B800.A15 SUC April 1999
David Computer Software Express/700/BAS EXPRESS BAS/700
FORTH Language (Kuma) FORTH Language For the MZ-80K but works on the MZ-80A
HU-BASIC.A1/S (MZ-80A+Sharp Printer) HU-BASIC.A1/S
HU-BASIC.A2/80M (80-col+ASCII Printer) HU-BASIC.A2/80M
HU-BASIC.A2/80S (80-col+Sharp Printer) HU-BASIC.A2/80S
PA-MON 2.0A PA-MON 2.0A Sharpsoft’s Monitor / Disassembler
EDITOR-COMPILER for Sharp BASIC Programs SA-5510 Compiler To compile SA-5510 programs
SP-5060.A1/M (For MZ-80A+ASCII Printer) SP-5060.A1/M A modified SP-5025
SP-5060.A1/S (For MZ-80A+Sharp Printer) SP-5060.A1/S A modified SP-5025
Speed Basic (Sharpsoft) Speed Basic For the MZ-80K (no further information yet)
SUPERTAPE 3 SUPERTAPE 3 Copy any MZ tape files
Z80 MACHINE.A1/M (MZ-80A+ASCII Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A1/M 1985
Z80 MACHINE.A1/S (MZ-80A+Sharp Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A1/S 1983
Z80 MACHINE.A2/M (80-Col+ASCII Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A2/M 1986
Z80 MACHINE.A3/S (80-Col+SHARP Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A3/S Clears RAM to $9FFF (SUC 1997)
Z80 MACHINE.A3/C2 (80-Col + C2 Printer) Z80MACHINE.A3/C2 Clears RAM to $9FFF (SUC 1997)
ZEN Z80 Assembler ZEN7E.A2 Avalon Software (An excellent Z80 Assembler!)

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