Here you can find manuals for various programming languages and utilities. Just click the PDF icon to view the manual.

Software Title Filename Notes Manual
MZ-80/700 Monitor/Disassembler B880 11/84 B880.A3_P6
MZ-80K/A/700 Master Disassembler B880 04/87 B880 MASTER
BAS MOD v3.74 BAS MOD v3.74 Requires BASIC SA-5510 to be in memory previously
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5575/C BASIC SA-5575/C Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 1
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5575/S BASIC SA-5575/S Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 1
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5577/C BASIC SA-5577/C Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 3
MZ-80A SUPERBASIC SA-5577/S BASIC SA-5577/S Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 3
BASIC SA-5580 BASIC SA-5580 Hippo Associates 80 column BASIC
BASIC interpreter SA-5510 BASIC.SA-5510 The original BASIC which came with the MZ-80A
BASIC SP-5025 BASIC SP-5025 The MZ-80K’s BASIC interpreter Manual coming!
Converter Converter Converts between different versions of BASIC
DCS K/A CONVERT DCS K/A CONVERT Professional conversion utility. Converts from 80K to 80A / MZ-700 Manual coming!
DISASM 8800 MZ-80A Version 15 DISASM 8800.A15 SUC April 1999
DISASM B800 MZ-80A Version 15 DISASM B800.A15 SUC April 1999
David Computer Software Express/700/BAS EXPRESS BAS/700 Manual coming!
FORTH Language (Kuma) FORTH Language For the MZ-80K but works on the MZ-80A Manual coming!
HU-BASIC.A1/M (MZ-80A+ASCII Printer) HU-BASIC.A1/M Manual coming!
HU-BASIC.A1/S (MZ-80A+Sharp Printer) HU-BASIC.A1/S Manual coming!
HU-BASIC.A2/80M (80-col+ASCII Printer) HU-BASIC.A2/80M Manual coming!
HU-BASIC.A2/80S (80-col+Sharp Printer) HU-BASIC.A2/80S Manual coming!
PA-MON 2.0A PA-MON 2.0A Sharpsoft’s Monitor / Disassembler
EDITOR-COMPILER for Sharp BASIC Programs SA-5510 Compiler To compile SA-5510 programs
SP-5060.A1/M (For MZ-80A+ASCII Printer) SP-5060.A1/M A modified SP-5025 Manual coming!
SP-5060.A1/S (For MZ-80A+Sharp Printer) SP-5060.A1/S A modified SP-5025 Manual coming!
Speed Basic (Sharpsoft) Speed Basic For the MZ-80K (no further information yet) Manual coming!
SUPERTAPE 3 SUPERTAPE 3 Copy any MZ tape files
Z80 MACHINE.A1/M (MZ-80A+ASCII Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A1/M 1985 Manual coming!
Z80 MACHINE.A1/S (MZ-80A+Sharp Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A1/S 1983 Manual coming!
Z80 MACHINE.A2/M (80-Col+ASCII Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A2/M 1986 Manual coming!
Z80 MACHINE.A3/S (80-Col+SHARP Printer) Z80 MACHINE.A3/S Clears RAM to $9FFF (SUC 1997) Manual coming!
Z80 MACHINE.A3/C2 (80-Col + C2 Printer) Z80MACHINE.A3/C2 Clears RAM to $9FFF (SUC 1997)
ZEN Z80 Assembler ZEN7E.A2 Avalon Software (An excellent Z80 Assembler!) Manual coming!

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