Here you can find manuals for various programming languages and utilities. All of these programs are available in the Downloads section (under the ‘Programming’ folder). If there isn’t a manual for the program you’ve downloaded then it will be coming soon!


B880.A3_P6 (B880 11/84) MZ-80/700 Monitor/Disassembler and B880 MASTER (B880 04/87) MZ-80K/A/700 Master Disassembler



BAS MOD v3.74 [Requires SA-5510 to be in memory previously]


BASIC SA-5575/C MZ-80A SUPERBASIC and BASIC SA-5575/S MZ-80A SUPERBASIC [Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 1]


BASIC SA-5577/C MZ-80A SUPERBASIC and BASIC SA-5577/S MZ-80A SUPERBASIC [Refer to SUC club magazine Vol 14 No 3]



BASIC SA-5580 Hippo Associates 80 column BASIC



MZ-80A Owner's Manual

BASIC.SA-5510 [The original BASIC which came with the MZ-80A]


Converter [Converts between different versions of BASIC]


DISASM 8800.A15 Version 15 and DISASM B800.A15 Version 15 [Refer to SUC April 1999 newsletter]


PA-MON 2.0A [Sharpsoft’s Monitor / Disassembler]


SA-5510 Compiler [EDITOR-COMPILER for Sharp BASIC programs]


SP-4015.A1/C PASCAL Interpreter SP-4015 and SP-4015.A1/S PASCAL Interpreter SP-4015



SUPERTAPE 3 [Copy any MZ tape files]


Avalon Zen Z80 Assembler

ZEN.80A [Avalon Software’s Zen Z80 Assembler]


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