MZ-80A Secrets on Gmail

MZ-80A Secrets on Facebook

MZ-80A Secrets on Facebook

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MZ-80A Secrets on Twitter


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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for setting up this site. I’m currently working on a small project on an MZ-700 for RetroChallenge 2015/07 and your site is a great help. I’m just hoping that the MZ-80A and MZ-700 are close enough. I guess I’ll find out in half and hour or so 🙂


  2. Haha, excellent 🙂 I honestly don’t know about the compatibility between the MZ-700 and the MZ-80A. I never owned a 700 but with the cursory glance I’ve taken at some of the tech stuff relating to the 700 recently I think it’s got some overlap for sure. Almost like an MZ-80A but with colours. Hope my site’s useful. It’s a very new site at the moment and still lots more content to come! Oh and good luck with the challenge! Will look out for your results!


  3. Just to let you know that your BASIC manual on the download page has some pages missing. The PDF file for “BASIC interpreter SA-5510” jumps straight from page 60 to 81. Presumably an error during scanning.


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