News 27/07/15

— I have taken a new video of the Space Invader game as the original one on the site was far too blurred and almost unwatchable. The new one is much clearer and, as usual, can be found here

News 26/07/15

— Uploaded five new videos to the ‘Games’ section of the website. May have to re-record a video of Space Invader as it is quite blurred. Plenty more games to come.

News 24/07/15

— Uploaded MZF & WAV files to the ‘Programming’ section of the site including various versions of BASIC, a PASCAL version and plenty of Assemblers / Disassemblers (inluding the excellent Zen). All under a new ‘Downloads’ menu item (sub menu of Programming).


News 21/07/15

— Spending this week taking some trial videos of games for the website, hopefully to be uploaded to the site this week if they come out good enough.