Welcome to my comprehensive resource site for the Sharp MZ-80A. Over time I’m hoping this will grow into quite a large catalogue of programming tips, games reviews & videos, manuals and other interesting historical information regarding this early ’80s computer. If it’s MZ-80A related you will certainly be most likely to find it here. Enjoy and make sure to check out the news section for what’s been added recently to the site!

PLEASE NOTE : Some people have not noticed the menu bar at the top of the website and, I think, have only seen this page. Please remember to check the menu at the top of the screen which is where you’ll find all of the rest of the content of the site.


Released : 1982

ROM : 4K

RAM : 48K (as standard in Europe)

Video RAM : 2K

Display : 40 x 25 characters

Pseudo Graphics : 80 x 50 large dots

Processor : Z80A @ 2Mhz


The ‘Pseudo Graphics mode’ was achieved simply through a set of characters towards the end of the MZ-80A’s in-built character set, as below:

MZ-80A Pseudo Graphics

MZ-80A Pseudo Graphics

As you will see when exploring the rest of my site, nowadays we can access a pixel via software if required. In truth, it is possible potentially to have the MZ-80A’s full resolution which is 320 x 200 !

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great site. Loved my MZ80A which is still in my Dad’s loft somewhere.

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    • Thanks for commenting. Hope your MZ still works, it’s a great machine. If you ever need any tapes then contact me. On that note : Do you have any tapes yourself that you’d like archiving onto this site?


  2. Thanks for uploading my games Cursed Chambers and Quest and Alien Attack to youtube!! I wrote them when I was 16 and just showed them to my 13 year old son!

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  3. Glad to find such active sharp MZ website. I don’t have a MZ80A, but a MZ80B and a MZ80A. I started basic programming in a MZ80B at school around 1981. I since have bought one for my 8 bits computers collection as well as the MZ80B.
    I still have my cassette of self programs, but don’t have the basic language cassette tape, would be glad to find one to revive my MZ, and tun again my old programs. I later had a Commodore 64 but never enjoyed it as much as the MZ.

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  4. Hi Charles, glad you’ve found the site. I try and keep it as up to date as possible, although there has been a lack of recent news because we’re all working on our homebrew titles at the moment 🙂 You can find the SA-5510 BASIC (which came with the 80A originally) in the Programming Downloads section of my site. If you can find a way to transfer it to your Sharp then you’ll be fine. I use the software Audacity to load the WAV of the program I want to load (in this case BASIC) and I use one of those tape adapters you used to get for car stereos which allow me to play the WAV file of the software straight to my Sharp (from my laptop’s headphone socket). Only caveat to this is that you have to carefully remove the cassette deck’s lid on the 80A to fit the car tape adapter in along with its cable. If this is too much then send me an email I can probably send you a copy of BASIC on cassette.


    • Hi! many thanks for this quick reply, I have found what obviously I need in the programming section indeed. Also as a hifi enthusiast I have all the equipment necessary to transfer the audio files to the sharp either by recording cassette tapes or using as you suggest a car cassette adapter as you suggest, also regular user of Audacity.


      • No problem at all. Am always here to help out with MZ-80A stuff. Let me know if you get any difficulties with the above. I have found it much harder to get software to load when simply trying to record to cassette from a hi-fi separates tape deck. The car stereo adapter is far more reliable. Also, am always willing to supply cassettes myself if needed.


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